Impromptu Winifred Falls Walk

It’s ANZAC Day and another long weekend! It’s been wet so we stayed in for the morning and did a “The Wire” marathon (Season 4 now), but as soon as the weather cleared up, we headed out for another walk. This time, Richard armed me with a walking stick and took me to the Winifred Falls track at the Royal National Park, but I was still in horrible shoes not made for walking on slippery terrains.

We didn’t actually get there until 3:30 pm, and given how much of a beginner I am, paired with sunset at 5:20 pm, we probably should have started just a little bit earlier. What worried me more was the fact that I didn’t even notice the track, or any track for that matter, when Richard told me we’d arrived. Things did get slightly easier for me once we got over the initial harder climbing part, where he had to pretty much tell me where to place my foot in each step.

We eventually made it to Winifred Falls. The waterfall wasn’t at its best and looked even crappier in my pictures, but it was a pretty sight nonetheless.

I stayed up on the rocks while Richard went down to get a better angle for his pictures. We sat and rested for a bit, chatted and had a snack. When the weather warms up, we plan to revisit and have a dip in the water.

And then it was the way back, doing everything in reverse, half of it in the dark and only one torch between the two of us. He let me wear the torch and walked ahead in the dark, warning me of puddles I wouldn’t otherwise see even with the light. Yep. We definitely should have started earlier.

It would have been quite a daunting experience and he thought it would scar me for life, but with the ridiculously patient and encouraging Richard there, I felt safe. I really enjoyed the experience.

Another fun walk. smile





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