Taronga Zoo Visit

Almost 8 years in Sydney and I’d still never been to the Taronga Zoo; Richard thought we must fix this! It’s been raining (yes, still) so we took our chances going there today on a double date with Richard’s friends. Thankfully, it didn’t fully rain on us but only a little sprinkle here and there. Win!

Photo dump with caption:

Highlights of the day:

  1. The reptiles were a bit cooler than I expected them to be.
  2. The rodents (usually my favourite) were cute, but less cool than the reptiles.
  3. The otters (Richard’s favourite) were a bit of a disappointment.
  4. The meerkats put on a show for us and chased off a turkey from their territory.
  5. A turkey completely messed up a neat pile of leaves left on the side of the road. That jerk.
  6. The other mammals and birds were… okay.

The meerkats win as the most interesting animal of the day!






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