Day Out at Jibbon Beach

The water was still a little cool but it’s finally a pleasantly sunny 24°C. Richard took us on his boat for a nice day out at Jibbon Beach.

It’s high tide so there was very little beach in the beginning. We first went to the Dharawal Aboriginal Engravings Site. Richard was horrified to see that they’d built fences around the area when he used to just run up and down the rocks as a kid. We also thought one of the kangaroo carvings didn’t look very Aboriginal. On our way back to the beach, they told me there’s a secluded spot popular with nude sunbathers, and a nude sunbather we saw (no picture of this, of course!).

After the short walk, we went back to the beach. The water was crystal clear, and the beach wasn’t too busy probably because the water wasn’t warm enough yet. We sat on our beach towels, had a little picnic, swam, got a nice dose of sunlight, and just had the most relaxing day.

I have a feeling I’m going to get quite tanned this summer! smile





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