Weekend Away at Blackheath

Blackheath Weekend Day 2: So Green

21 Nov 2014 (Fri), Day 1

Not even a super hot, total-fire-ban weekend could stop us from our planned time away at Blackheath! We took the Friday off from work for this (you know it’s serious business) and some shopping plus driving later, we’re there!

Itinerary of the day: a quick trip to Govetts Leap Lookout before check-in at Redleaf Resort, then off to Megalong Valley Creek (not just a long valley; a Megalong Valley! tongue ), a quick dinner near the resort, and back at Govetts Leap for some sunset photos!

The sky didn’t turn that gorgeous twilight blue, and there were all sorts of bugs flying into my face and a mosquito or two feeding on me, but I don’t regret spending the evening out there. smile

22 Nov 2014 (Sat), Day 2

After our epic breakfast buffet at the resort, we went out to brave the heat and did the Grand Canyon Track. We actually got lucky because Saturday was the coolest day of the whole weekend.

The Grand Canyon Track isn’t as long a walk as the Coast Track that we did the other time, but there was a lot of climb. I kept thinking “We really have to stop going down!” during the first-half of the walk, but I survived the climb back up, mostly thanks to Richard knowing where best to take a break. (We didn’t get to stop at one place because a lady was enjoying hers in the nude in a very visible place.)

After a nice and comfortable shower, we ventured out to Lake Lyell for some fly fishing for Richard and some fly swatting for Vickie. There was a convenient boat ramp at the lake so there were more boats and noise around than we’d like. Dinner was the restaurant inside the golf club across the resort.

23 Nov 2014 (Sun), Day 3

Woke up with sore quads and calves! The good kind of burn. smile We checked out of the resort after our second and last breakfast buffet. It’s scorching hot again but our day wasn’t over just yet! We drove to Echo Point for a quick touristy view of the Three Sisters before heading back to Sydney — with indigestion from overeating at breakfast for me. Oh first world problems.

Didn’t think I could enjoy my time as much as I did with all that heat and flies. Where should we go for our next weekend away?

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