He Cooks: Fresh Fish Sushi


Sushi made from fresh caught Australian salmon and flathead, handed to me on a plate while I just stood there and watched and occasionally washed a plate or two.

And that’s why I never complain when he ditches me for fishing trips. tongue

He Cooks: Best Taco Night Yet

Homemade Chicken Tenderloin Tacos

Taco Night: Chicken Tenderloins!

Best taco night yet! Chicken tenderloins and the last episodes of Breaking Bad, Season 4! I also started to do my lettuce differently (big leaves instead of shreds) so it’s easier to put on the tortilla. I’m liking this new way so far.

Pizza, Awesomified


There’s no such word as “leftover” in my dictionary, so I really have no idea how Richard managed to convince me to not eat that complimentary(ish) large pizza we got the other night on the same night. I also don’t know what “sharing” means, but I guess if he promised to make it more awesome, I’ll add that word to my dictionary — temporarily.

Pizza Awesomification in Progress

Pizza awesomification in progress… captured at a weird angle

Pizza Awesomified

Pizza awesomified

Doesn’t look much, but totally worth the wait and sharing.

He Cooks: Veal Schnitzel


Veal schnitzel and a different salad with fresh homegrown rocket leaves.

Veal Schnitzel

Homemade veal schnitzel and salad with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and fresh homegrown rocket leaves

The veal was already very thinly sliced but apparently could still use some tenderising. Now to get a good meat mallet!

Salad Evolution


After I complained about not having enough vegetables for dinner at his place, our salad received a permanent upgrade.

Salad Evolution: Before

Salad before, on a regular dinner plate

Salad Evolution: After

Salad after, on a massive platter

You’ve grown up so beautifully, salad. So proud of you. tongue

He Cooks: Taco Nights Compilation


The series of horrible pictures of food continues! This is totally our version of tacos, but taco nights are one of the regular dinners I really look forward to! Possibly the only one where I can do more than just eat and wash up, too.

Yeah okay. I usually only help prepare the lettuce, and very rarely the tapenade. tongue

Funnily, the corn tortillas tasted more floury than the flour tortillas. We’ve switched mostly to the latter now.

He Cooks: Jewfish Fillets


After our Taronga Zoo visit, I thought Richard would be too tired to bother and we would get unhealthy takeout, but he actually prepared and cooked up some of the big jewfish he caught the other day for dinner tonight!

Jewfish Fillets and Greek Salad Dinner

Delicious jewfish fillets and Greek salad for dinner! And a hairy leg on the side tongue

Lightly coated in rice flour and salt and cooked in olive oil, plus a delicious Greek salad. He let me take home a big chunk of fresh fillet, too.

Life is good. smile

He Cooks: Chicken Burrito with Beans


Dinner tonight was chicken burrito with beans, served with Season 4 of The Wire (with subtitles that read a lot more hilarious than said out loud)!

Richard's Chicken Burrito with Beans

Richard’s chicken burrito with beans, guacamole, sour cream and love

Ali joked that he doesn’t trust a white man’s burritos, but I beg to differ. (For some reason I also can’t stop typing it as “buttiros”. tongue )