Mayo the Husky vs Paper Towel

Vickie (off-screen) discovers shredded paper towel on the floor and calls Mayo the Siberian Husky over. Mayo pretends to be innocent and claims that if she was the culprit, she would have eaten the paper towel. She proceeds to demonstrate said eating of paper towel.

Mayo has only ever destroyed the odd paper towel or two, quite the best first Siberian Husky anyone could ask for. heart But… she did eat the paper towel in front of me.

One thought on “Mayo the Husky vs Paper Towel”

  1. HAHAHA! Mayo is so cute! That look of innocent she gave you was perfect . . . but then she went ahead and ate that paper towel, hahaha! This was so cute. Please do more Mayo comic! She’s a beautiful dog with a great personality ^^

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